Kirin – A Companion’s Tale of Love and Transformation

Coming January 15th!!

Beautiful stories and dialog expressing the non-verbal language of love.  Life lessons worth reading and understanding in a new way!!!  This book will slip into your heart and have you smiling!

Kirin eBook Cover

Kirin – A Companion’s Tale of Love and Transformation

“My love of nature and dedication to honoring and preserving the clans of the green world has led me on many adventures.

Years spent in nature among her many clans and tribes have gifted me with a deep understanding of merging and communicating from the heart.

In 1991 I met my soul friend Kirin, a black Scottish terrier who became one of my greatest teachers. In 2006 Kirin joined the ‘Other Side Camp’. Participating fully in his transition process has gifted me with the ability to share his heart wisdom with others.”

– Nalini MacNab, Author

Fifty percent of proceeds from the sale of this eBook are donated to Chalice of Wisdom.  “We are building a retreat  / four-legged assistance center for immersion in the light of the new cycle through earth, waters and sound. An important part of this project is community education and basic health and welfare assistance for the local street dogs (a huge population) and other local creatures.”

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