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Carolyn Indriel Victoria

My name is Carolyn Victoria and I am the founder of Whisper Align. I am an intuitive researcher and healer with training and certification in three healing modalities: two of them from traditions of the Far East, (Japan and Tibet), and one from the West (Kinesiology). I have studied spiritual and personal development traditions and pursued different healing methods in order to solve problems and issues of my own, as well as helping family, loved ones, and others that come into my life. I have a deep connection, ever expanding, with Light, Nature and the Stars. From the time I was a small child, I have always talked with the trees, sat quietly with the wind, conversed with birds, giggled with the ferns, and discovered “magic ponds” that would sometimes not be locatable a second time around.

I have memories of being an infant in my crib, feeling frustrated that I did not have the tool of language that the adults had. I remember wanting to tell my parents that they need not worry, that they could be happy, that life is abundant and beauty is all around us and within us. I wanted so much to communicate this to the seemingly unhappy people around me.

Carolyn with Shastra

The first time I saw that all things are made of Light Energy, it reignited something within me and gave me a sense remembering and curiosity. I recall thinking – is it snowing? No, it could not be, as this is a summer day. Raining then? No, it is not wet. Ah! It is Light!! Light particles streaming everywhere! Such profound beauty! I was age 5 or 6. While I grew up as most people do, learning from my parents and teachers, and receiving conditioning from the people around me, I also kept my affinity with Nature close to heart.

Having studied and practiced Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and the teachings of Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche, Japanese Tenrikyo and the teachings of Nakayama Miki as well as American Buddhism and the teachings of Rama, and having received ordination and empowerment to offer healing through each of these paths, I have come to feel that Nature Herself, which encompasses all of that and the stars and galaxies, is my guide and teacher as well. Through a process of awareness and examining ways of working and playing with animals, trees, and other nature beings, the Whisper Align method for attuning was birthed. I use the method to work with people and their animal friends – dogs, cats, horses, and others. The method is unique to my life experience and the way that Nature Herself works with and through me. It can be used to expand and deepen relationships in other areas of life.

The Whisper Align method has three aspects, which are provided as a service when you request a session and we agree to work together with your dog, cat, horse, or other creature. Learn more about how a Whisper Align pet consultation works here. The method helps bring understanding to animal stewards and caregivers (such as dog walkers) about specific issues they are facing, whether problems with diet or behavior, health or psychology. It does not in any way take the place of medical/veterinarian advice and I suggest that Whisper Align sessions (one or more) can be supplemental to other things that you might be doing for your animal friends.

Carolyn with Rocky, photo by Beth Witrogen


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