Whisper Aligning

Whisper Align Animal Consultation


Animal whispering with 2 consultations included, plus a written summary report of your Whisper-Align session results.

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A Whisper Align animal consultation consists of

  • Initial consult of 20 minutes
  • Intuitive information gathering (whispering) of 1-2 days
  • Summary consult (alignment) of 30 minutes

The initial consult can be a Skype, Facetime or telephone session. Use the online intake form to request a session. Once we have agreed to work together with your animal friend, the initial consult is scheduled and the complete session takes two days. This two-day period allows me time to gather information and distill it into a report for you. It is solely an intuitive process. This is the Whisper aspect and I allow two days for all the information to come through. Then, we meet again on Skype, Facetime or telephone for a 1/2 hour session to go over the findings. This is the Align aspect. You will also receive a written report via email.

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