Whisper Align Animal Consults

Whisper Align Animal Consultations

The Whisper Align Method is a Personal Consultation for you and your Animal Friend

It is different from traditional “whispering” and also different from “animal communication”. The Whisper Align process was developed to help humans relate authentically with their animal companions and to become aware and to understand their needs without projection of human ideas, emotions or systems. If you are having difficulty with your beloved’s behavior, diet or other issues, or need to gain perspective about your animal companion and what you can do to be the best provider and caregiver, request a session here.

Whisper Align Beachgrass

How it Works  

A Whisper Align session consists of three parts – 1) an initial consult of 20 minutes, 2) intuitive information gathering (whispering) of 1-2 days, and 3) summary consult session (alignment) of 30 minutes. The initial consult can be a Skype, Facetime or telephone session. Use the online intake form to request a session. Once we have agreed to work together with your animal friend, the initial consult is scheduled and the complete session takes two days. This two-day period allows me time to gather information and distill it into a report for you. It is solely an intuitive process. This is the Whisper aspect and I allow two days for all the information to come through. Then, we meet again on Skype, Facetime or telephone for a 1/2 hour session to go over the findings. This is the Align aspect. You will also receive a written report via email.

Chorze the Gentle Prince

For multiple animal households, we focus on one creature per session. Often the other animals in the house will make some information known and I will include it in the findings if that happens. Sometimes new information will arise after our final session. In that case I will provide it to you as part of the original consult and send it to you via email or text message. Follow-up appointments are also available in increments of 1/2 hour sessions.

While I do offer assistance and advice on health related issues, Whisper Align does not constitute healthcare. If your animal is experiencing health issues contact your veterinarian. We will soon have other animal care products from some of my favorite creators!


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