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Whisper Align Energy ClearingEnergy & Space Clearing

Remote energy clearing for your home, office, studio or other space is a process that was conceived when a friend was preparing to sell her house. She was emotionally tied to her house, understandably, as she spent a great deal of time and energy customizing it. Her dream of owning this house was to make it a retreat center for artists. Her plans and dreams changed, and she decided to sell the house that she had so carefully restored and decorated. Energetically she had difficulty letting it go, even though she wanted to sell the house, and she was concerned that her attachment might be adversely effecting the potential sale of the house. There were also family disputes involved.

I worked with her using the Whisper Align process to energetically withdraw from the space, room by room and the outside property as well. Not long after working with her, the house sold and she purchased another dream home. This process can also be done for moving into a new space, once you have actually moved in, or just before, to clear previous occupants’ energies and to align with the natural elements of the space and the property. We work together energetically to create the best environment in which you are aligned with your essential nature and in harmony with your surroundings.

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